Why you shouldn't be going to the gym...

...all the time...

If you find that the only place you get to squeeze your exercise in for the day is at the "gym" indoors for your 1 hour of your day, then you should really consider your "why?"

Early humans were hunters and gatherers, and that required a great deal of NEAT [Non Exercise Associated Thermogenesis (see previous blog post here)].

Not only were you (if you were a caveman/woman, where you could save up to 15% on car insurance) getting your movement in throughout the day hunting animals and gathering vegetables and fruits, but you also were getting plenty of sunlight, and fresh air in varying degrees of temperature.

This is in contrast to spending just an hour in the gym in artificial light, breathing in filtered air in a temperature controlled environment.

To get more sunlight, fresh air, and experience actual temperature changes, get outside.

It's as simple as that.

#OptOutside, as the store REI instructs all to do on Black Friday of every year, instead of spending our days and dollars indoors in stores and online.

With winter here in 11 days, there will be plenty of opportunities to #OptOutside in the snow.

Yes, keep going the gym to make up for your lack of NEAT due to your role in your workplace, but try not to forget that we're humans and are built and have evolved to be outside moving around. Do your best to get outside and experience and move your body around and in different environments.

Now that's good living.

What's your favorite outdoor activity? Comment below!

Albert LuComment