Instead of Icing, we need to work on movement in order for our Lymphatic System to do its thing!

Inflammation is a natural and needed process when we encounter injury.

Pain is not inflammation. Icing shuts down the natural clearance processes through our Lymphatic System and even creates more damage.

What we've been (mis)led to believe is that the ice will not only reduce pain, but also reduce the swelling (different from inflammation), and help us heal better/quicker.

What need to do instead of icing is introduce more movement, from using Voodoo Floss Bands or using Electrical Stimulation, like we have here, to clear swelling through the Lymphatic System.

We can help you with this.

Check out these videos about icing, and how there's no research backing up that icing works, and a previous proponent of icing, Gary Reinl, who has reversed his stance on icing.

Video 1

Video 2

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