The Open

Come join at 6PM on Fridays starting 2/23 for 5 weeks, ending on 3/23, in participating in the annual CrossFit Games Open competition!

For most of us who have been training at Idahome Movement Academy for several months now, this will be a fun chance to see where our fitness level is compared to that of hundreds of thousands all around the world!

For those of us who are new to training, this can be a very eye opening experience to what is possible and what we are truly, mentally, physically, and even emotionally capable of accomplishing!

We'll push (and break) limits we impose on ourselves with the support of our Tribe around us in these 5 workouts released over these next 5 weeks!

We most likely will be exposed to movements and exercises and even an intensity that we haven't seen or done before.

Fret not, however, if the workouts seem scary and daunting. The movements and exercises can be scaled/modified/adapted to our individual skill levels and abilities (right now).

We do have the opportunity to though, try new things and see how well we can adapt and overcome new obstacles!

Each workout will have a particular set of movement standards and scoring system, so we are going to abide by them. We are counting good reps and not counting "No Reps."

By adhering to the competition standards we not only uphold integrity and excellence, but we also truly get a feel of how well those at the Top/Elite levels perform, and where their fitness level is at, compared to that of 99% of the population.

Rally with the Tribe to join in on the fun!

When the 5 weeks are done and gone, we'll get to see others who are the Top performers in our community move on to the higher levels of competition, culminating in the annual CrossFit Games in the Summer.

Go here to sign up for $20 to put your name on the leaderboard to see where you stand!

Select "I do not workout at a CrossFit Affilate" and select Idaho in the pulldown menu when you register.

This will to be tons of fun and will be an enjoyable and worthy experience for everyone involved!

See you on Friday at 6PM!



Albert LuComment