Use your Fitness (outside)! Even when SHTF!

A perfect example of why improving our Fitness and Health is so important:

It was about 10 minutes before Spartan SGX class this past Tuesday and I was on the lawn putting away the hoses I use for irrigation.

I was in a t-shirt, shorts, socks, and a half-laced up pair of Belleville ABU Flight Boots.

While I was moving the hoses and pipes around, an exquisite-looking BMW with tinted windows and sweet rims drove by on the street and came to a rolling stop. 

When the BMW came to the rolling stop, I heard an audible "clink!"

It then sped away, making its way to the intersection.

I looked over and saw what looked like to be a paper bag lying in the middle of street where the BMW was.

My immediate thought: a litterbug, and I wanted none of this.

So in that moment, in my half-laced up boots, I made the decision to sprint after it to find out why the driver did that.

The BMW made a right turn and proceeded up the street, turning into the neighboring bank's parking lot.

I caught up to it by cutting across the empty dirt lot to complete the almost 175 meters, and walking right up to the front passenger side door and demanding the driver stop and roll the window down.

The driver complied by rolling the window down and I saw a middle-aged woman at the wheel.

I asked her why she pulled up right in front of the house and threw what she had out the window.

Her response was "I don't know."

Confused and not satisfied with her answer, I asked her again.

Her only reply was "I don't know."

She proceeded to roll up her window and pulled away from me.

It turned out to be an empty bottle of peach schnapps.



If I hadn't been ready in that moment with half-laced boots on and adapt to the situation to take off after the driver, then I wouldn't have seen who the driver was and got a visual of her face.

If I hadn't had the level of Fitness I had in that moment, then I probably would not have had the ability to run all 175 meters to catch up to her and even catch her license plate number.

If I hadn't trained up to that point like I had been, then I probably wouldn't have had the confidence, strength, and presence of mind to make that split-second decision to move after her.

If something like that were to happen to you and/or your family and friends, then how able would you or they be do something like this?

If that is not an applicable anecdote to show us all why we're doing what we're doing to improve our Fitness and Health, then I don't know what is.


The take home message is this: yes, do all the things you need to do in your 1 hour here at the "gym," but really do it so you can do whatever is is you want to do "outside" the gym to have fun and to the best of your ability!

Whenever the situation arises, then know that your Fitness and Health is developed and improved to a level where you can confidently navigate the world of the unknown and unknowable like I did this past Tuesday.


So to take it "outside," we'll have monthly Free meet-up activities where we go and use our fitness!

Next one:
Use your Fitness: Greenbelt Group Bike Ride
Sunday, September 30th
Meet at Quinn's Pond

Come with your bike and meet at Quinn's pond as we ride the Greenbelt and enjoy a nice Fall Sunday.

Not for time, and not for rounds or reps...just to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor outside of the gym!

Facebook event here:

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