Read this article for no hacks, shortcuts, nor tricks to your Fitness and Health!

You probably receive numerous promotional emails in your inbox(es) with subject lines or see on the cover of magazines at the grocery store checkout stands that read something like:
”Learn about these 3 Fitness Hacks
”These tricks will help you get your Health back on track.”
”Try this weight loss shortcut to a healthy 2019”

It is truly disheartening to see how we are misled into thinking that it will only take just a short of amount of time, without any effort to result in the positive changes we want.

We are all advertised and sold to based on our society’s growing need for instant gratification.

In your current state of Fitness and Health, you most likely did not take any “shortcuts,” try any “hacks,” or implement any “tricks” in your routines to get you to where you are.

It was the consistent, compounding effects of either inactivity and/or poor nutrition daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly that led you to where you are.

Believe it or not, each (in)decision you made, either conscious or unconscious, moved your either towards Fitness or Sickness on this continuum:


In order to truly improve our Fitness and Health, and move ourselves towards Fitness on the continuum above, we need to avoid falling into marketing traps of “get fit quick” schemes.

We need to decide for ourselves that we have to play the long game and put in disciplined, consistent effort over time to get us moving in the direction to where we want to really be: better Fitness (as most of you have been exposed to so far, the definition of Fitness: work capacity across broad time and modal domains).

Instead of offering any “hacks,” “shortcuts,” or “tricks,” here is a directive:

In your 2019 calendar or planner, block out 1 hour of your day everyday to devote to yourself: your fitness and health.
Schedule that time for yourself to move, and make a dent in total daily inactivity you engage in at your desk at work.
Also, block out 2 hours per week to go grocery shopping for healthful meals you can prepare at home to have with your family.

Now knowing what the concrete definitions of Fitness and Health are after being here at Idahome Movement Academy, you now have the ability to track and measure your progress of your journey towards better Fitness.

Here in classes, like you have experienced, we track and measure every challenge we take on.

By staying disciplined to your daily schedule, and consistently coming to class or engaging in some type of movement daily, and sticking to your grocery shopping and meal preparation, and doing those day in and day out for months at a time, then you will get to see your Fitness and Health truly improve.

If you are new, or have been away from classes here at IMA then you are encouraged to start back up, especially with 2019 starting very soon.

Here is your chance to get back on track. Using the directive you just read, take action and apply yourself.

Make that disciplined effort to get down here to classes consistently throughout the week.

Just show up. We’ll take care of the rest!

To encourage you to join (back up), here is a discount on the regular rate of $99 per month for unlimited access to classes:

Invest in classes for 1 whole year upfront, by paying less than half for the year.

58% off a year’s total unlimited membership ($495 for the year)

See you in class!

Albert LuComment