Live Long AND Break Through Plateaus!

Chances are you haven't heard that your cardiovascular health and your overall longevity can benefit greatly from working on your grip strengthaerobic capacity (VO2 Max), and leg strength.

In general if you work on getting fitter over time, then you develop a buffer against chronic disease, which benefits your overall health.

One perfect training session you could try to include grip strength, aerobic capacity, and leg strength would be this using a combination, using an Assault Airbike, Farmer's Carries, and Air Squats:

3 rounds for time of:
30 second Assault Airbike
40 yard Farmer's Carry
20 Air Squats
40 yard Farmer's Carry

To see how fit you are initially, and test your improvement of your fitness over time, which should correlate to how long you'll live, you can be do this every month.

Now if it seems like you are hitting a plateau, and getting the same results every time, then you can definitely vary any element of this training session, in terms of the time domains, loads [(kinds of) weights carried], and even the exercises used for testing your leg strength.

For example, a variation of this one would be:
In 5 minutes perform as many rounds and repetitions as possible of:
30 second bar hang
10 calorie Assault Airbike
20 lunges

You would be similarly testing your grip strength with the bag hang, your aerobic capacity with the Airbike, as well as your leg strength with the lunges.

By varying up when/how much/what exercises you do, but with the same principles in mind of attacking your same weaknesses, then you're bound to break through plateaus that you have been seeing in your training.

Overall, if you're able to train at least those 3 aspects in every training session, then you're more than likely to move yourself up the sickness-wellness-fitness continuum towards the "Fitness" side, which ultimately helps your live longer and healthier.

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Albert Lu