Consistency: Keep Showing Up, Keep Digging

We all have our goals, e.g. to be at X Body Fat % by Y Date, or to finish the next Spartan Sprint in Z time, or to do 5 pull-ups in a row...

We'll work on the specific tasks we need to accomplish in order to reach our goals, but what the most important aspect of this is to be consistent.

A little everyday will go a long way.

Choosing a vegetable over the slice of bread or serving of pasta, and doing that every time that decision point comes up is how we are being consistent, which will lead us to being able to burn our body fat better and quicker.

Knowing how long it took to finish the Sprint last time, we know what to work on for the next one, e.g. grip strength, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, or completing more obstacles so we won't have to do more burpees. Showing up everyday and tackling a piece of this little by little will add up tremendously on Race Day! 

To finally do 5 pull-ups in a row, it takes time for training and practice. Working on dead hangs and scapulae retractions, pull-up negatives, and jumping pull-ups in a consistent way every time we're here for class will pay off. 

If we don't get a chance to get to class, then why not try at the very least get some movement in.

Suggestions in order of importance:
1. Hiking at least 30 minutes with a body(ies) of water, foliage, and some wildlife nearby + 10 burpees as fast as you can
2. Walking at least 30 minutes + 30 burpees
3. Walk throughout the day
4. Do the Joint-by-Joint Range of Motion and Mobilizations/Stretches we do as part of our General Warmup

In all, by coming to classes as much as we can to work towards our goal(s), and to incorporate some type of movement, based on time and availability, if we aren't able to get to class, will at least improve some of our 10 General Physical Skills and our Fitness overall, bit by bit.

See you in class!


Albert LuComment