Every Rep is a Choice/Are you Training or "Working Out?"

When we’re training here at IMA, we have our Purpose, or “Why?” for what we are doing here. We also have our specific Intent, or specific training objective, for the training plan that is written on the whiteboard.

All the sets and reps of movements and exercises we do have a specific Intent and general Purpose to why we do them.

It is up to you to know these while performing all the reps and sets, especially when we get to heavier loads, longer distances, and under time stressors.

The most important thing you can do while training is to be in the “now” and have extreme focus on what you are doing in the moment.

Your focus should be on how you are performing the movement or exercise, and be aware of your body, what you should or should not be feeling based on your mechanics.

We are taught how to move here, and what we learn is what we practice and train under all kinds of conditions (heat, cold, fast, slow, light, heavy, bright, dark, etc.).

Every rep of every set you do starts with your Thoughts and Desires. You take Action in every rep.

Make your Thoughts about the rep be something along the lines of “Do it well.” Your Desire will then be something like “I want to do it well.”

Your successive Action to take in that rep is actually doing it well (proper/good technique).

Always try to make the choice of doing it well, and not mindlessly taking Action without your mind set up for success.

Every rep is a choice; one choice is to do it well and improve your ability to perform a movement or exercise, and earn your ability to add more weight, go longer, or faster, to ultimately improve your Fitness and Health and achieve your goals. Another choice is to mindlessly perform that movement or exercise, and “forget” your technique, resulting in inefficient/improper/bad execution (which may lead to pain and injury). This would require you to re-do the rep and essentially slow your progress (wasting time) towards your goals.

Which choice are you going to make?

Also, when we are here in class, we are training your physical, mental, and even emotional and spiritual abilities.

Learning, Practicing, and Training our Neurological and Physical skills is the name of the game, and is our approach to how we improve our Fitness and Health.

We are not “working out,” again, mindlessly, without any objective to the class or training session.

We Learn, Practice, and Train fundamentals of movements and exercises, and drill, drill, and drill to achieve “perfect” technique, under all kinds of conditions.

When we are put under load, distance, and time constraints and stressors, that is when we test our abilities to perform well and make those good choices.

Make every rep a good choice and train well, with your Intent and Purpose in mind.

See you all in class!

Albert LuComment