6,000 Calorie New Year Challenge

Planning for New Year to get back on track?

Take this unique opportunity to get your sweat on, and kick start 2018 with burning 6,000 Calories!

Use this to start your new routine to get healthy! Join up with your friends to make this a fun experience!

Join this 31 Day Challenge starting Monday, January 1st, to accumulate at least 6,000 Calories on the Bike or the Rower!

You'll have all of January (1/1 - 1/31) to accumulate at least 6,000 Calories on the Concept2 Rower, or the Assault Airbike!

Keep track of it here on the Whiteboard to keep accountable!

Pick a time during the week to come in and get your bike or row on!

For example, come in every day and get at least 200 calories in on the bike or the rower to get to your goal!

Highest amount of calories accumulated in January earns a 1 month unlimited membership ($99 value) free!

Sign up here! $30 to enter! Join up with your friends and family!

Good luck and have fun!

Albert Lu