Start (y)our 52+ Week Challenge!

Lose fat, gain muscle, and look good naked!
That’s everybody’s aesthetic goals.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of people’s goals end there.

There is fortunately, however, a small group of people out there who choose to have deeper and more meaningful goals.

We can argue that perhaps this small group of people are more open-minded, accepting, flexible, tough, curious, persistent, strong, deliberate, and patient as compared to those who only have aesthetic goals.

It’s no fault of the majority of people, though. They are simply ignorant. They are ignorant to the fact that there is more than just looking good naked. Their definitions of fitness and overall health are not rooted in put it simply, classical kinematics, e.g. Power = Force * Distance / Time. Look at previous blog posts about these.

Wherever we are presently on the Sickness-Wellness-Fitness Continuum, we have the ability to move ourselves away from there to closer to the Fitness side of the Continuum day-by-day.

It is simple, but not easy, to put in the effort and fully devote ourselves to improving our fitness and overall health.

It is also a long journey that requires focus and discipline to stay on course to achieve our fitness and health goals.

It requires to be learned and clear in our definitions of terms and goals, and to be understanding of the path to get to our goals.

Any ignorance to the above facts is simply remedied by finding someone who is knowledgeable and capable to teaching and guiding us.

After finding and learning from someone who is knowledgeable and capable, our deeper and more accurately defined goals of achieving better fitness and overall health will be there for us to set our course.

Our teacher becomes our navigator, and the individuals or teammates in our community we surround ourselves with become our shipmates in supporting us to get us to our goals.

As part of this small (but growing) community of like-minded people, we become more open-minded, accepting, flexible, tough, curious, persistent, strong, deliberate, and patient.

We start looking at things in the long-term, as our journey is a long one, to eventually achieve our goals.

We become less prone to Shiny Object Syndrome.

We choose to delay gratification.

We develop grit.

We ultimately can handle anything and everything that stands in our way.

We consider our journey as the 52+ Week Challenge instead of what is out there sold as “6-” and “12-Week Challenges.”

We truly put our money where our mouths are, and take it one day at a time, improving a little bit in everything we do.

We not only are better humans for embarking on this journey with our navigator and shipmates, but we also all look good naked doing it, too.

Come learn, get guidance and support, and support the others with us.

Schedule your Initial Level Method Assessment to see where you stand today.

We’ll get you to where you want to go, starting your 52+ Week Challenge.

Anchors aweigh!