5 Fun Winter Workout Ideas

When winter and especially the snow arriving soon, you have no excuse to stop being active and lose all your successes that you have been working for all year.

If you end up having to stay in while you're snowed in for example, then try these Fun Workout Ideas to help you stay active and healthy!

Tailor them to you and your needs/skills/abilities, and vary your exercises, repetitions, weights, animals ( ;) ) tools, and time durations as needed!

Here are some examples to help you get started and thinking creatively on what you might do!

1. Move with your Pets!
   Every hour on the hour:
   20 Dog Squats

2. Move with your Kids!
    For time:
    400 meter Piggyback ride

3. Make Snow Shoveling your training!
    Every minute on the minute:
    Take 30 shovels of snow

4. Go Showshoeing, Snowboarding, or Skiing!
    4 hour AMRAP (As many rounds/reps/runs as possible):
    Snowboard/Ski runs


   For time:
   5K Snowshoe

5. Turn wood splitting/chopping and stacking into your training too!
    30 minute AMRAP:
    Split/chop your wood
    Carry your wood 50 yards
    Stack your wood

Albert Lu