How much is your time worth?

Meal preparation ahead of time certainly saves time and especially your money.

The bottom line: if you're able to devote time that you would be using to prepare your meals every day during the week, to other value-added activities and even business/income generation, then bulk meal preparation is for you.

Bulk meal preparation, or meal prep, saves you time, money, and effort, and you're better able to eat nutritious meals as well.

Maybe busy and successful business professionals like you may even need to squeeze out more time during the day to be more productive in order to achieve your goals.

Maybe further optimization in your bulk meal preparation is where it's at.

Let's say you are earning $100/hour in income. How willing are you to devote 1 hour of meal prep time to your business or other income generating activities instead?

Would you delegate your personal meal preparation time to someone else who can prepare even better and tastier meals than you already make?

Let's also say it cost you $50 to buy 5 prepared meals that you didn't have to spend time to make on the weekend. 

Instead, that hour on the weekend that you paid someone $50 for to make your 5 meals, you used to meet and help a client out at $100/hour. 

You just made $50.

That's $50 closer to your goals. That's $50 that you can use to do more of what you want. That's $50 more that you can exchange with someone for more and even better services and products.

What would you value that additional $50 if you would simply delegate some of your bulk meal preparation to earn it?

Enter FEEDmyFIT.

Based in Meridian, Idaho, this meal preparation company makes meals for you and either delivers them to you, or provides them for you on site for you to pick up.

Below is a photo gallery of 5 meals for a week that you can purchase that you can save an hour or two in preparation time. With that saved time, you have the choice of capitalizing on it by engaging in other value-added activities in your life, reap even more benefits!

If you are just in the need of getting into the routine of eating (regularly), and having a set number of meals to eat throughout the day, then this may be a great option for you!

Also, if you're at the level of self-/performance optimization where you are keeping track of your macronutrient (fat, carbohydrate, and protein) intake based on your goals, then this would be an excellent way as well, since the macronutrient quantities of each meal is detailed on the top label!

Each week will have a different menu of meals, so rest assured you won't get bored with the same meal(s) everyday.

Try them out and tell them that Idahome Movement Academy sent you!

With all that you read in this post, you must have learned something new, or became aware of something in your life that you can possibly take steps to improve on.

Comment below to share your thoughts, questions, comments, and/or concerns!

Use as much or as little as you wish from this and go forth to conduct your own experiments and testing to further better your life!



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