For what are you getting Better?

First, consider this, as Jack Kornfield teaches, that we should move and act with self-compassion, especially when we want to better ourselves.

Many of us are unconsciously operating from a position of self-hatred, self-judgment, and shame that we hate ourselves for the way we are and that is what spurs us to improve ourselves. This may not prove to be the best way.

What Kornfield says that we should do instead is to love and accept ourselves for the way we are while we seek to improve ourselves.

"In developing compassion start exactly where you are, whatever your situation. Having compassion for your own humanity and your struggles is critical. Let yourself sense a wish to live with greater kindness. Hold your own fear and shame with compassion, and let this practice open you to better self-care and to greater tolerance and kindness for others."

Second, once we are operating from our position of self-compassion, we need to now keep everything in context.

Who and/or what would ultimately be better and benefit because we are getting better? 

In other words, what are the 2nd and 3rd order effects from us pursuing better? 

What would we be able to perform better now and what is something new that we would be able to do now that would possibly benefit your family, friends, and community?

With our context set, we have to ultimately make sure our motivations are intrinsic; circling back, we need to make sure we are improving ourselves, for ourselves, coming from self-love. The caution is to not let our motivations become extrinsic, when we end up pleasing others, or pursuing "better" based on material objects, and even money. It maybe even come down to truly valuing what we can do and what we feel like physically, mentally, and emotionally, instead of what we look like and what others would think of, or judge us by. 

Come join a Better class (Monday and Wednesday at 6PM and Friday at 5PM) where we approach it with our overarching self-Purpose (why are you at Idahome Movement Academy?) and specific Intent (what are your lessons you're going to learn today in class?) in mind, as we're eating and moving our bodies better.



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