New Month/Last Quarter - Top 3 tips on how to stay on track for the rest of 2017

Undoubtedly, you know how much work you did for the first 9 months of 2017 to get you where you are now. If you've stayed on track for the first 9 months, there's no stopping you now! You've got those good habits ingrained and you're practicing them every day. You've been going to bed on time, getting up early or time to start your day with planning, or even some movement to Spark your day right! You've adopted better eating habits, and even have drank more water throughout your day. You're probably in the best shape you've ever been in years after putting in the hard work.
Now for these final 3 months of 2017, you're going to be tested: the coming holidays and the (hopefully not harsh) winter will show you how disciplined and tenacious you are in reaching your goals!

Here are the Top 3 Tips you can implement in the next 3 months to help you stay on track and get to your goals for 2017:

1. Stay accountable to your teammates/partners/family/friends.
Continue to do your meal prepping, exchanging recipes, and/or sharing the yummy goodness you are cooking with your teammates and family and friends. Highly encourage others to stay with it, even with the coming holidays and travel. 

2. Keep moving!
Whatever you do in the next 3 months, keep moving around! Stay active and try to not become sedentary, regardless of what the weather will be like! At the very least, if and when you're snowed in, you can still do burpees! Find someone to do them with you to help you get started! Snowshoeing is also awesome! :)

3. Be Human; make conscious choices.
With the holidays coming up and the temptations for treats arising while you're with friends and family who aren't necessarily on the same wavelength as you in terms of your health and fitness goals, be human and respectful. Be respectful of the situation and others who are there, whether they are the hosts or the other guests. When you're at gatherings, make the conscious decision with self-control, and know what the consequences are for eating that piece of pie, cookie, and/or that beer. Enjoy it and have fun, most importantly. The stress you would put yourself under while making that decision to stray away from your plan for just that little bit, will make things worse than that of the acute effects of having that extra helping of mashed potatoes.